PMLAND 6 in 1 stainless steel blackhead extractor remover tool kit, Eyebrow scissors, included eyebrow clip with metal case.

  • $12.99

  • Help to remove blackhead, acne, pimples for your easy clear skin without causing damage to the skin.
  • Stainless Steel with our advanced antibacterial coating helps minimize risk of infection, and makes cleanup a breeze. Though it is recommended to wipe all tools with rubbing alcohol before and after use to further reduce risk.
  • Anti-slip handles help you better control the pressure during use, ensuring every step can be done with exceptional control and precision to avoid damage to the skin.
  • Eyebrow scissors and eyebrow clip is used to trim off the excess eyebrows.
  • Included tin carrying case keeps tools safe, clean, and conveniently packed for transport or storage.

How to use:

  1. Prepare for Alcohol cotton, Acne clip, Anti-inflammatory water and Cotton swabs.
  2. Clean your hand by water and then use Alcohol cotton to make acne clip has disinfection.
  3. Wash the face, and then hot towel, so keratin softening, pore expansion, cleaning easier.
  4. With acupuncture needles to break, so that blackheads, acne, acne turned up and pick up some of the subcutaneous fibrous tissue.
  5. The acne opening on the circle down the middle of the press, or slowly move until the acne encountered on the steel side so far.
  6. If all of a sudden can not be squeezed out, you can try to turn on another direction.
  7. After using the remover kit, disinfect the wound by Anti-inflammatory water.

Fundamental solutions:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Avoiding oily foods in daily life
  3. Don't stay up late and keep in pleasant mood
  4. Do moderate exercise
  5. Maintaining facial cleanness and applying heavy makeup less